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Staff Profiles

Wildlife Experiences is a multi-faceted company with expertise in ecological consultancy, environmental and sustainability education, wildlife tours and nature photography. 

Apart from our own staff, Wildlife Experiences also has a wide network of other ecological consultants with expertise in botany, bushfire management statements, native vegetation offsets, pest plant and animal control. Our network also includes contaminated land, cultural heritage, arborist and aquatic ecology professionals. These individuals and companies are called on, and are available, when required. 


John Harris (BASc, GDipEd) - Director and Principal Zoologist / Ecologist 

Throughout his career, John has worked in both the environmental and education sectors, often combining the two. He has been in education sector for over 20 years as a primary school teacher and secondary Biology/Science teacher as well as Environment and Sustainability Manager. John has also worked for National Parks and Wildlife in Queensland as a ranger, the Department of Conservation and Environment (now DELWP - Vic) and is currently our Principal ecological consultant 

As an environmental consultant, John has worked with a number of larger consultancies as a senior environmental consultant or subcontractor. He has been involved in flora and fauna surveys, habitat hectare assessments, vegetation mapping, environmental audits, flora and fauna salvaging (spotter/catcher) and as sustainability adviser in Victoria and interstate. He has authored many assessment reports, flora and fauna management plans, EPBC Act (Commonwealth) and Environmental Effects Statement (Victoria) referrals.

John has had vast experience with the ResourceSmart Schools program in Victoria. He has presenting at conferences and workshops across Australia and published a number of articles on environmental education for teaching and parent journals. He is also a past president of Environmental Education Victoria (formerly the Victorian Association for Environmental Education). Combined with his experience in schools, John has also been actively involved in environmental education in the community as a guest speaker and workshop presenter at various organisations including the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria, gardening clubs, landcare groups, scouts, "friends of" groups and churches. He has also presented workshops for a number of local governments including the City of Whittlesea, Manningham City Council and Frankston City Council.

Kathy Himbeck (BAppSc) - Ecologist and GIS Technician

Kathy worked as a fauna conservation officer with the Department of Environment and Conservation (WA) for over 15 years before moving to Victoria where she has worked as an environmental consultant for the last 7 years. Kathy has undertaken flora and fauna assessments, biodiversity assessments, vegetation offsets and has prepared many reports including flora and fauna reports, biodiversity assessment reports and land management plans. She also has vast experience in GIS systems and mapping.