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John has had vast experience with the ResourceSmart Schools program in Victoria being a driver in the “Sustainable Schools pilot program" in the mid-2000’s, achieving 4 star status for his former school, Donvale Christian College.

He has presented at National and State conferences and workshops across Australia on environmental sustainability in schools (some of these are listed below) and has published a number of articles on environmental education for teaching and parent journals, as well as environment and sustainability pieces in Donvale’s weekly newsletters.

With this breadth of experience in both education and environmental sustainability, Wildlife Experiences is happy to travel far and wide to assist schools undertake their Biodiversity Audits and other actions required for the school to complete the Biodiversity Module of the RSS program. We can also assist with the other modules (Water, Waste, Energy and Core) and have a range of tools that can be shared with staff and students, in the classroom, school grounds and wider local setting.

We can also assist schools to apply for grants to undertake environmental and sustainability initiatives. John has been successful in achieving grants totalling nearly $250k for schools and community groups over the past 10 years alone.

John maintains his VIT registration and is currently a member of Environmental Education Victoria, Australian Association for Environmental Education, Field Naturalists Club of Victoria (both of which he is a past president) and the Australian Mammal Society.

Please feel free to Contact Us  about your school's environmental and sustainability needs and how we can assist your school to become an accredited ResourceSmart School.



Below are some of the conference and workshop presentations and in-school activities that we have delivered.


Manningham City Council - School Environment Program 


Kingswood College - Year 5 environmental science presentations and excursions


South-East Water "Water-Learn it! Live it!" Teacher Development Day - "Funding Your Dream.... with someone else's money"


Australian Association for Environmental National Conference - "EarthProbe: Integrated sustainability program for   Year 9's"   

Greening Australia Victoria - Toolbox for Environmental Change Forum - Water-Learn It! Live It!" (Joint presentation with Yarra Valley Water Ed. Officer)

CPCS National Conference  - Transforming Education - “Saving God’s Creation: environmental education in Christian schools”


Melbourne Water “Water-Learn it! Live it!” Teachers Workshop - Water LiLi “On the Ground

       Greening Australia Victoria - Toolbox for Environmental Change Forum - Environmental Initiatives @ Donvale Christian College –  Past, Present and Future"

      Victorian Christian Schools Conference - “Creating an environmentally sustainable school”

        Western Australian CPCS State Conference - The Environment is OUR Responsibility Too!!”


Australian Association for Environmental Education National Conference - “Planting the Seeds of Environmental Education and How to Do It!!”

        Greening Australia Victoria - Toolbox for Environmental Change Forum - “Planting the Seeds – Especially for Principals”